Today’s Lunch Menu!

Guess what! We’re doing LUNCH again – and it’s better than ever!

Elmer’s Lunch

Monday-Saturday 12:15-2 pm & Sunday 1:15-2:30 pm


Grilled Cheddar

This is the best sandwich ever in the history of the world.

with apples and caramelized onions on our homemade 6-seed bread,

with a side salad and chips 6.75

Grilled Ham and Swiss

with mustard on our rye bread, with a side salad and chips 7.25

Pop Pop

Crispy smoked bacon, fresh frisee lettuce, and sliced tomato on homemade sourdough with mayonnaise and chips 7.25

The Ray-sadilla!

The perennial and requested favorite of both Ray Lamontagne and Ray Gray. (Two out of two Rays in town love this dish.)

Black beans, wilted spinach, two cheeses served with a side salad, sour cream and salsa 7

Local Burger

Quarter pound Steady Lane grass fed burger on a homemade bun 8.75

Soup of the day (it depends on the day!)

3.50 for here 4.25 to go


Now you can get our delicious pancakes in the afternoon! Served with Gray’s maple syrup. 3 bucks a cake.

To drink:

We have teas, coffees (both iced and hot) a variety of natural sodas, wine and beer.

And Lord have mercy, please let us know if you are allergic to anything before you start ordering! We HATE to kill the customers! It keeps them from coming back!