Honored and Respected Elders Day!

Now, here is something brand new that we are offering at Elmer’s:


are now going to be

Honored and Respected Elders Day!

(Doesn’t that sound better than “Golden-Agers Day” or something?)


On Wednesdays, people of at least 70 years of age will now get 20% off breakfast or lunch AND, soup to take home for $2.50 instead of our usual soup price of $4.25.

See, my dad and Norm Nye get together for breakfast every single week and they have a good time.  And I got to thinking, that there are probably plenty of older, wiser people who would like to get out with people their own age, and, if they knew that there may be a gathering of their peers on a certain day at Elmer’s, then maybe they’d come and have their own good old time.  So that’s the idea.  –As well as providing a very fine meal for a good price that they don’t have to cook.


So Wednesdays are now Bring your Parents to Elmer’s Day!  And we’ll just see what kind of ruckuses we can get started!