Note: Although we try to keep this page up-to-date, things do change. Please give us a call if you’d like to confirm a certain dish or current prices. Also: Sunday breakfast menu is different, and is also listed below!

Breakfast is served:

Monday through Friday 7:30 am to noon

Saturday 8am to noon

Sunday 8am to 1pm


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Sunday Breakfast Menu

Looking for the Lunch or Friday Dinner Menu?

Lunch Menu

Friday’s Dinner Menu (changes weekly)




Any way you want them. They all come with Toast – right here in at Elmer’s! (White, Multigrain, Five-seed or Rye) unless you prefer them standing alone.


One Egg/Two Eggs

With Toast or a biscuit==just like you was in South Carolina!!


With Spudniks (You may know them as Homefries)


With Bacon, Ham or Sausage: links, patty, or vegetarian patty


With Homefries Bacon, Ham or Sausage (from real or vegetarian pigs)


With Homefries, Sausage, Bacon or Ham & one of the paintings on the wall Market Price



Three-egg Omelette with choice of Cheddar, or Swiss. With toast & homefries


Separate but Equal- Egg whites only! And . . . that . . . is . . . no . . . yolk.


Add to your omelette—on the inside:

Onions, Peppers, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Black Beans, Spinach, Sour Cream or Salsa 50 cents each Ham, Bacon or Sausage $1 each



The Obamalette! Goat Cheese, Spinach, Universal Health Care, Onions & Mushrooms. Now, Health Care is not cheap! But the great thing is, it goes on your kids’ tab!


Big Ole Egg Sandwich – Eggs and cheese served on a Kaiser roll, English Muffin or bagel


with Bacon, Ham or Sausage Patty


Breakfast Burrito – Two eggs, onions, peppers, tomatoes, cheddar cheese & black beans bundled in a tortilla with sour cream and salsa on the side.


Eggs Pope Benedict – Two poached eggs on a slab of ham with our Hollandaise sauce; on an English Muffin with homefries and total absolution of all your sins. Priceless, but for you,


The Florentine Pope: He comes from Florence, Massachusetts, so he is a vegetarian and is quite liberal in his views. Just like the Pope Benedict, but with spinach instead of ham.


Adam and Eve on a Futon under a Big, Fluffy Down Comforter – Two eggs over-easy snuggled up together between two pancakes. The Eggs Pope Benedict does not approve of this dish.


Adam after the Big Fight – One egg, however you want it, he doesn’t care, on one pancake.


Mount Saint Elmer’s – Two eggs over-easy with cheesey-homefries and choice of sausage or bacon all piled up on each others like little puppies. The toast goes on the side.


Early Like Willie Gray – When I first bought Elmer’s I called 80-year old Willie Gray to ask if he might help me paint it the next day. He said he had lots of chores, but would see if he had time after he finished. At 7:15 the next morning he called and said, “I’ve finished my chores. You still got any paintin’ to do?” 2 eggs, links or bacon, home fries, an English muffin & a silver-dollar pancake. But you gotta be here by 8:30 to get it, just like Willie.


The Meandering Don Stewart: Same thing as Willie’s breakfast, but you get to wander in at any hour and still get all that food. Comes with a side of celebrity trivia and no substitutions.


The Eggless-stential Life: Vegan homefries, spinach, black beans, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes


No Eggs, but a Goat Same as above, but with non-vegan Goat Cheese added


*We use as many home-grown eggs as we can, but we go through 1000 eggs a week and there aren’t that many chickens in Ashfield, so we supplement with regular eggs, grown elsewhere in New England as we must. And Lord have mercy, let us know if you are allergic to anything before you start ordering! We HATE to kill the customers! It keeps them from coming back!



Do you know that Yankee Magazine called these very pancakes the best in all of New England? A little kid said that Elmer’s was better than a Lego Store. Me, I just report the news. We got the recipe from Gray’s Sugarhouse and that’s why they’re so good. Now, because this is New England, we give you real, live maple syrup from Willie Gray’s own sugarhouse to go with them. Willie’s family still makes it. We just hand it over like it was cheap, which it is not. (Do you know it takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup?!) So if you get too carried away, asking for a lot extra, we may have to charge you some for it, but we try to keep it nice and friendly by supplying it with the pancakes.

AND… We now have the technology to make really, really good gluten-free Pancakes! And I ain’t kidding—I ate two! Our Pal and Cook Joey eats gluten-free and he spearheaded the effort and it was successful! I hear from a number of gluten-free eaters that the hardest thing to find is GOOD gluten-free pancakes, but we got ‘em! We have to note here that we will attempt to keep all extraneous glutenous molecules out of those pancakes, but this is a kitchen that contains flour (and nuts and bananas and a number of other allergens.) But we are trying. Come in and try them.


Plain Pecan or Fruit

Full-grown feast of 3


Shorter stack of 2


Minimalist stack of 1


Gluten Free Pancakes! They’re not from Gray’s, but Marian likes ‘em!




As many slices as you want of big fat bread wallowed in cinnamon batter!

1 slice   $4.95   2 slices   $6.25   3 slices   $7.50   35 slices   $104.95



Remember the good old days in Morocco, sitting around with the locals on warm nights–

Whoa Whoa Whoa! Not that kind of hash!

A big ole’ plate of New England Corned Beef hash with 2 eggs any style with any style toast!


GRANOLA by our baker -

This is raisin & cranberry Granola that bears like to eat and we serve it with yogurt made by Paul and Amy of Sidehill Farm right here in Ashfield with milk they squoze with their bare hands out of their own cows (that bears also like to eat!)! With Yogurt! $6.50 With Milk instead $5.75



Just like ya momma used to make!


Add a egg on top them biscuits and gravy!


Add two eggs!


Biscuits, Gravy, Spudniks, 2 Eggs and a whole lotta sympathy for yo achin’ belly!



with Butter $2.50 * with Peanut Butter $3.25 * with Cream Cheese $3.25

A Nagila: Bagels and Lox. With red onion, cream cheese and capers



Toast – Hearty good Euphoric bread! Country White, Rye, Multigrain or Three-Seed


Spudniks standing proud, alone


Bacon, Ham, Sausage Links, Vegetable Patty, Sausage Patty, or Peppermint Patty


Grits - I don’t care that I’m from the south, this is New England where they don’t have grits.




Cheesey Eggs and Toast


One small pancake


Green Eggs and Ham* (Do you like them, Sam I Am?)


Little Juice (apple, cranberry or orange)

$ .75

Little Kid Oatmeal



Drink Up!

Elmer’s proudly serves locally-roasted Barrington Coffee and espresso.

COFFEE – Fresh ground and fresh-brewed coffee with complimentary refills



We have espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, hot cider and other drinks like that at our coffee counter.

Ask your server about them.


TEA – SOME FROM HATFIELD, MASS. (The Tea List Changes from Time to Time) We have Black, Green and Herbal teas. Let us know the direction you’d like to go and we’ll tell you what we have.


JUICE Orange, Grapefruit, Apple or Cranberry Small $1.50 Large


THE CURRANT EMERGENCY: Locally-grown current elixir with Emergen-C and sparkling water! It’s quite a foaming spectacle –fun to watch, full of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C. Good for what ales you.




Rich, semi-sweet chocolate drops melted in steamed milk & topped with whipped cream.

Small $2.25 Medium $3.25 Large $3.95


From a mix, with water. Pirates don’t care for it. It’s for little kids who don’t know the difference and can’t read this menu —but it’s much cheaper than the real thing.

Small $1.25 Medium $1.75 Large $2.25


Hot milk with a shot of happy flavor. Vanilla, caramel, hazelnut

Small $1.50 Large $2.25


From white cows

Small $1.50 Large $1.95

From brown cows

Small $1.75 Large $2.25


For Grown Folks with the Identification to prove it:

MIMOSAS & SCREW DRIVERS! You have to be 21 to order them, but we can make them for you if you’re grown!


KIR ROYALE Champagne with locally-grown Currant Elixir-makes you happy and healthy!




Elmer’s Big-Time Special Breakfast Sunday Menu!




They’re smaller than our weekday pancakes, but they’re still a powerful force in their own right. Two bucks a cake With fruit & stuff: 2 dollah fitty a cake Gluten-Free! Add a buck



With compote, add 50 cents

1 Slice   $4.95   2 Slices   $5.95   3 Slices    $6.95   35 Slices   $104.95



Scrambled, poached, sunny-side up or over easy, medium or hard; bacon, links, vegetarian or Gray’s sausage patties; Rye, multi-grain, white or 3-seed bread, spudniks or none, right or left, in or out, for or against, it’s your choice.

One Egg/Two Eggs

With Toast



With Spudniks (you might think of them as “homefries”)



With Bacon, Ham or Sausage (vegetarian, Gray’s patty or links)



With Homefries, Bacon, Ham or Sausage (veggie, Gray’s patty or links)


Yes We Pan!Three-egg Omelette with choice of Cheddar, or Swiss. With toast & homefries


Separate but Equal: Egg whites only! And . . . that . . . is . . . no . . . yolk.


Add to your omelette—on the inside: Onions, Peppers, Mushrooms, Tomatoes,

Black Beans, Spinach, Sour Cream or Salsa 50 cents each

Ham, Bacon or Sausage (patty, links or vegetarian patty) $1.00 each

Ham, Bacon or Sausage on the side $2.99


The Obamalette! Goat Cheese, Spinach, Universal Health Care, Onions and Mushrooms. Now, Health Care is not cheap! But, don’t worry–we’ll put it on your kids’ tab!



Stout, hearty, granola just like bears eat with Paul and Amy’s own home-grown yogurt! With Yogurt $6.50 With Milk instead $5.75

Vatican 5: We have two popes in residence here: The Eggs Pope Benedict, who is rather serious, speakswith a German accent and sticks with the traditional ways. Then there’s The Eggs FlorentinePope who actually hails from Florence, Massachusetts, is a lot more relaxed and is a vegetarian.Both come with hollandaise sauce, homefries, total absolution of all your sins and are served on

an English Muffin. Pope Benedict comes with ham, the Florentine Pope comes with spinach.

Eggs Pope Benedict: $9.95 Eggs Pope Florentine: $9.25



Remember the old days in Morocco, sitting around with—Whoa whoa, whoa! Not that kind ofhash! Two eggs any way you want on top of corned beef hash with any toast you want.


BISCUITS AND GRAVY! (But still no Grits.)


BAGELS AND LOX! With red onion and cream cheese.


Consuming raw or undercooked meats or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. We would never let you do this to yourself if we could help it, but by law we must report it to you. And don’t forget to tell us if you or anyone in your party is allergic to anything! The State does not put up with you not doing that!

Come for dinner on Fridays. Not on Saturdays, unless it’s a special event. Do not put chewing gum in the cloth napkins. No screaming. No twirling on the poles lest you go careening off into the glass bakery case and then to the hospital. Don’t forget to pay for your bread. No bears at the tables. All swordfights must take place outside the store at a minimum of 50 paces away from the front door. No contretemps nor fisticuffs. No smoking or spitting. Swearing softly is allowed among friends.