Historic Elmer’s

Elmer Lesure on his first day of business in 1937!

It’s been here since 1835, originally a General Merchandise store called Josephus Crafts.  Elmer Lesure bought it in 1937 and changed the name to Elmer’s.  By that time I believe the call leaned a little heavier into groceries, but I understand he still sold a fair amount of General Merchandise.  When I bought it in 2005 I knew enough to leave the name the same, but wasn’t exactly sure what it should be.  There are two other very good restaurants in town;  Country Pie Pizza and The Lakehouse.  What the town didn’t have was a breakfast restaurant, so we became that.

Yankee Magazine said we have the best pancakes in New England.  (They said that, not me–I’m just reporting it.)