AnnaBread – Only at Elmer’s Store


Only at Elmer’s Store

Baguettes – Baby Baguettes

Daily Bread (rustic white) – Raisin

Whole Wheat – Whole Wheat Raisin

Country White – Rosemary & Olive

Ciabatta – Real Rye

AnnaBread is baked as a free standing loaf on extremely hot stones as has been done for
thousands of years. This method produces bread with a memorable flavor. Made with flour,
water, salt and yeast (commercial or wild yeast). Wild yeast is the same as “sourdough”, but
the sour is understated in AnnaBread.

Available exclusively at Elmer’s Store.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to watch an award-winning short documentary about AnnaBread!

Made in Ashfield and delivered mornings hot out of the oven, Thursday through Sunday!

Because she’s so excited about having her ovens back,

Anna will be making Baguettes on Mondays

through Labor Day

(in addition to her regular schedule.)

(Please see below schedule.)


AnnaBread Products

(download/view PDF, here)

Made in Ashfield, MA Baked mornings Only at Elmer’s Store
Delivered hot from the oven, THURSDAY through SUNDAY(& occasionally MONDAY)

Note: The wild yeast breads listed below are the same thing as “sourdough”, but the sour is understated in AnnaBread.

Baguette (French bread)


20” long baton-shaped loaf with a crackly, chewy crust and rich cream-colored “crumb” (inside) laced with holes; not fluffy. Best eaten same day as baked, preferably while in line to pay for it.  $3.75

Baby Baguette 8-10” long $2.25

Daily Bread (Rustic white wild yeast bread)

Crackly slightly-chewy crust with a spongy crumb and small holes. Slices like a dream. Will remain moist and delicious up to 5 days if stored properly. $5.50







Raisin Daily Bread packed with organic raisins. $5.50







Ciabatta (Italian white bread) Extra virgin olive oil makes this the softest, lightest AnnaBread. A very lacey crumb, fabulous for dipping. $5.50

Country White (White whole grain wild yeast bread) An earthy white bread with raw wheat germ and whole wheat flour. Improves with age, in fact flavor starts to peek 24 hrs after bake. Remains edible and moist for 5 days or longer.  $5.50










Rosemary and Olive  Country White with organic Ashfield rosemary leaves and Moroccan whole black olives. A meal unto itself. $5.50






Whole Wheat (Wild yeast whole wheat bread) Whole wheat bread like you’ve never tasted before, made with 100% whole wheat flour. Rich, moist interior, this bread remains fresh for over a week if stored properly. $5.50

Whole Wheat Raisin Whole wheat bread packed with organic raisins. $5.50

Rye (Wild yeast rye bread with caraway seedsThe dark roast of bread, this hearty, aromatic bread is the one to take on the two week wilderness trip. $5.50


To reserve your bread, call Elmer’s Store 413.628.4003


Did you know? AnnaBread is famous!  

Check out the 8.12.12 feature in The Repulican!

Anna Fessenden of Ashfield lives the life one loaf at a time with her own AnnaBread business



And here’s a short documentary produced by local film-maker Ben Tobin!  ”Anna and her Tribe” won the Ashfield Film Fest Technical Achievement Award. Watch it to see the story of AnnaBread!


Also! The full-length award-winning film is now available on DVD on sale at Elmer’s Store!  

“Anna Rising” won Oberlin’s Phyllis Jones Memorial Award in the feminist and gender studies institute!


Here’s the short film “Anna and her Tribe.”