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Friday Night! 

You know what Friday is – it’s Inauguration Day.  And I think that most of you will be gone activating somewhere.  But there will be those of us still here in town and here’s what I’m talking ‘bout:

What we need now, what will get everyone through everything else, what will bring us together and make this whole country work is

Togetherness with your People

And your Community.

Community is a much-overused word, but it’s what makes living great;  being with people.  Science itself even shows that people who live in their community with friends live longer, happier, more secure lives than those who stay on their devices all day long and don’t talk to anyone else up close and personal.  (I don’t think the scientists put it EXACTLY like that, but they could have.)  And those who are freaked out, refusing to leave the house since the election have it very difficult.


So this Friday night at Elmer’s:

We are having an evening of good, old-fashioned hangout-time called

Jam and Bread

Bring an instrument and we’ll have a big-ass jam session.  Bring $15 and we’ll have a buffet with plenty of food and desserts, all you can eat.  I don’t have the menu right now, but I want to send this out now and I’ll send out the menu tomorrow.  And the bar will be open for whatever fixes you up in that department.

You don’t have to play music, you can just be entertained by it.  Come with your friends and family and enjoy being with them, thanking all that’s Good and In Charge for the good things we have and knowing that the comfort we have living in this little town is worth a whole, whole lot.

We’ll begin at 5pm (like usual) and go until we are ready to go home!  No reservations necessary, just come on in.



For Elmer’s Events, you can call us at (413) 628-4003 for tickets, reservations and information.  Note:  Tickets are NOT available via this website.  Please call the above number to get tickets.