Elmer’s offers dinner Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, starting at 5:30 p.m. We offer a variety of small plates, entrées, specials, a full bar, and desserts. Check Elmer’s Facebook Page for daily specials.

Appetizers & Small-Plates:

Lemon Pepper Shrimp Skewers served over Greens with Red Pepper Jelly 7

Jalapeno Maple Cornbread Fritters with Maple Mustard 7

Fermented Flight: Three of our house-made fermented favorites. Ask your server what
we’re serving today! 7

Steaktips over Greens 11

The Beat Tower Basil and Oregano-Infused Ricotta, layered between Beets and garnished with
Olive Oil and Oregano 7

(add smoked salmon, beef tips or chicken) $3

Elmer’s Salad: Arugula with Candied Walnuts, Marinated Cranberries, Shallots,
Feta and house-made Croutons. 11

Greek Salad with Feta, Olives, house-made Croutons and Greek dressing 9

Classic Caesar Salad: Fresh Romaine, house-made herb Croutons and Parmesan cheese. 10

Kale Salad with Bacon bits, Poached Pears, Candied Walnuts, Blue Cheese and Red Onion. 11

House Salad Mixed Greens, Red Onion, Tomatoes and house-made Croutons 9

Dressings! Sweet Sherry, House Balsamic, Caesar, Tahini Lemon,Greek and Bleu Cheese

The Wry Reuben Rye Bread, our own sliced Pastrami, Swiss cheese, house-made Sauerkraut
and our own Russian dressing. Salad and or French Fries 12

The Wry Turkey Reuben (is that an oxymoron? Can turkeys be wry?) with Swiss cheese, our
own Sauerkraut and our own Russian dressing. Salad or French Fries 11

These burgers weigh half a pound, so they ain’t playing around. They pull their own weight. And they come from real, live grass-fed cows, as well – who also pulled their own weight. All are served with French Fries and a pickle, or a salad.

The Vegetarian Mushroom Cloud: Any of the following arrangements can be put on top of a grass-fed Portobello Mushroom, as well!

Sandy Burger named for our accountant, who insisted we have a regular old plain burger,
without anything else. That’s how accountants think – they want everything clean and
easy, no messing around. 9.99

That’s Nacho Burger topped with Cheese Sauce, Tortilla Strips, Candied Jalapeños and Salsa 11.99

That is yo’ Cheeseburger Just like the Sandy Burger, but with cheese 11.25

Bacon Kimchi Burger with melted Cheddar and Chipotle Mayo 11.99

Syd Barrett: Wild and Crazy Mushrooms, Caramelized Onions and Swiss 11.99

Breakfast Melt with Bacon, Bleu Cheese, Fried Egg served on English muffin with garlic
Mayo 11.99

Stuffed-Cheddar Burger! Cheddar Cheese-stuffed burger served with Arugula, Pickled Slaw
and Crispy fried Shallots! 11.99

The Big Bri! Two patties (that’s a whole pound of burger!) with Swiss, Mushrooms,
Caramelized Onions, Horseradish Sauce and a Bud Lite. 19 (And we’ll walk you home
if you need it.)

The Big Moose! Russian Dressing with Lettuce, Cheese, Pickles and Onions 11
I am driving all day again tomorrow, from North Carolina to Mississippi, where I will stop for the night in Bay St. Louis to visit my old friend Ellis on her front porch, which is one of my favorite things in the world to do. And then on to New Orleans. As soon as I am lit in one place long enough, I’ll tell you some stories.