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Hey – we are all over the food section of the Recorder today!  Mostly it’s about Son, which, of course, pleases me to no end.  I’m more excited about Son being in the paper than Elmer’s!  (To which, Son will say, “Huh?” to which I will say, “Wait’ll that new baby of yours grows up. You’ll see what I’m talking about.”)


You know how y’all are.  Last weekend, a couple of days out from our annual Harvest Dinner we had 16 reservations.  I sent out the LAST MINUTE ALERT and we suddenly had 63.  That’s how y’all are.  It takes a steel nerve to do this kind of work.


This weekend we have our regular Friday night dinner, for which our menu will be:

Anna Baguette

with local goat cheese and kalamata olives


Potato and Leek Soup

Creamy white potatoes & sautéed leeks simmered in house made

stock with fresh herbs

Bourbon Glazed Ham

Smoked picnic shoulder seasoned with brown sugar, ginger and mustard seed,

roasted and bourbon glazed, served with local baked sweet potatoes,

brown butter and greens.


Stuffed Delicata Squash

Local delicata squash stuffed with kale, garlic, herbs, and brown rice,

topped with parmesan, served with dressed arugala


Salade Lorette

Roasted local beet slices on a bed of spicy arugula with

herb and honey Goat Rising goat cheese topped with amaretto walnuts


Local Burger

Steady Lane burger on a Gretchen-made bun, with salad and chips

Choice of:  Extra-sharp Cheddar, Bleu, Swiss, or Smoked Gouda  



Mac and Cheese

three cheese sauce with bow tie pasta  


Little Local Burger

Steady Lane 4 oz burger on a Gretchen-made bun,

salad and chips   

Beef Hot Dog

with Gretchen’s homemade bun, mustard, and ketchup,

salad and chips    





On Sunday night we have our bluegrass show with

Nedski and Mojo


Ned Luberecki, (banjoist for Chris Jones & The Night Drivers and Sirius XM Bluegrass DJ) and Stephen Mougin (guitarist and vocalist with the Sam Bush Band) are Nedski & Mojo.  (Stephen is from Ashfield, which is why they make their ways back here to perform at little old Elmer’s.) 
Since this show is on a Sunday night, the concert will start earlier than our shows usually do:  it’ll begin at 6:30.  Dinner will begin at 5, concert at 6:30.


Our dinner menu will be:


Cider Braised Pork Shoulder

slow cooked with cider, herbs, and onions, served with roasted sweet potatoes, caramelized onions, and kale



Tuscan white bean and kale soup served with a thick slice

of fresh AnnaBread

$9 (this is a dinner-sized bowl of soup and AnnaBread)


Salade Lorette

Roasted local beet slices on a bed of spicy arugula with herb and honey

Goat Rising goat cheese topped with amaretto walnuts


The show itself is still $12 in advance for the tickets and $15 if you wait until your usual last second and show up at the door to pay.  (The interesting thing about y’all is that you do not care and cannot be suaded by money.  You may be known for your New England Frugality, but you would rather pay extra money at the door than make a commitment in advance.  I have found that out many times in my seven years with you.)   


You know that next week is Thanksgiving already, right?  (I don’t think you have a choice about committing to that.) 


But here are some deadlines for you:

Desserts by Gretchen and Bread by Anna!


Gretchen bakes pies, cakes, cookies, cream puffs and other desserts for your Thanksgiving table, and Anna makes bread for you.  Again, here is what happens if you wait:

Avoid BreadRage! Order Early!

And here’s what Anna has to say about bread ordering:

BREAD Reservations for Wednesday Thanksgiving Eve -Reservations must be placed by Monday, November 19 at 6 pm.

(Elmer’s can continue to take Wed orders after that but Anna can’t promise the type they want and/or the time they want)


> These types of bread will be baked on Wed Thanksgiving Eve: Baguettes, Baby baguettes, Daily Bread (rustic white), Country White, Ciabatta, Whole Wheat, Rye, Rosemary Olive


> Picking up your Wed Thanksgiving Eve order:

Bread will be delivered as it comes out of the oven. All will be delivered by 1:30 pm. If you need to pick up your bread at a special time earlier than that be sure to let us know when you place the order. Elmer’s will close at 2pm that day.


> Reservations for rest of Thanksgiving weekend (Fri-Sun) - no deadline for reservations – those days will be business as usual. 

And here are some suggestions from Gretchen, but she’ll make anything you want!

Suggestions from Gretchen

Gretchen needs your orders by Monday morning at 10:00 am.  If you have them to her by then, she will have your desserts for you by 1:00 on Wednesday.



Now.  We have some rules around Thanksgiving:

The day before Thanksgiving, I make all my employees say, “Thanks, Nan!”  by closing at 1pm on the day before Thanksgiving and being closed all day on Thanksgiving itself.   So you must pick up anything you’ve ordered by 1:00 on Thanksgiving Eve.


The Friday night after Thanksgiving we serve no dinner because y’all don’t come anyway that night.  (See?  I know you guys pretty well now.)  So, no dinner at Elmer’s the night after Thanksgiving.   But we will have breakfast that morning (Friday) and all through the weekend, just like normal.



Now, here is something brand new that we are offering at Elmer’s:


are now going to be

Honored and Respected Elders Day!

(Doesn’t that sound better than “Golden-Agers Day” or something?)


On Wednesdays, people of at least 70 years of age will now get 20% off breakfast or lunch AND, soup to take home for $2.50 instead of our usual soup price of $4.25.


See, my dad and Norm Nye get together for breakfast every single week and they have a good time.  And I got to thinking, that there are probably plenty of older, wiser people who would like to get out with people their own age, and, if they knew that there may be a gathering of their peers on a certain day at Elmer’s, then maybe they’d come and have their own good old time.  So that’s the idea.  –As well as providing a very fine meal for a good price that they don’t have to cook.


So Wednesdays are now Bring your Parents to Elmer’s Day!  And we’ll just see what kind of ruckuses we can get started!




























I was hoping Rob would have a report for me today, but . . . . no.  He made me laugh really hard yesterday though.  I’m sorry you couldn’t be there.


See you Sunday!

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