Guess What – it’s almost Thanksgiving again!

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First off, I want to thank everyone who sent cards and notes and who attended Mom’s service last Saturday.  I know that people come because of the family, but I have to say that it was such a warm and lovely surprise to see that many people there since, truly, people really didn’t ever have a chance to know her here, at all.  You are all really, really nice and warm people.  And if you ever have need of cremation services, I should like to recommend Eternal Blessings up in Guilford, Vermont!  When we went to pick up Mom’s ashes, she came with a quart of maple syrup!  They are associated with a farm that makes syrup and . . . she came back with a quart of syrup!  You just don’t expect that every where!  (And they were extremely kind, caring, efficient, affordable and great, even without the syrup.)


Okay!  You know how every year we do our


Local Thanksgiving Dinner

Where we serve everything that comes from within 100 miles (or so) of Ashfield

And give out the sources of all of our food and our recipes so that you might serve them at your own Thanksgiving Dinner a few weeks later?

Well that’s coming up on November 9th!  Which is Friday in two weeks!


I don’t have the whole menu yet, but I do know this:

We’ll be serving Turkey that was raised right here in Ashfield!  (We have traditionally gotten then from Diemand Farms, but this year, we have them from Sam!  Right here in Ashfield!  He grew them for us from baby puppies – or whatever you call baby turkeys!)


It will be by reservation, so call us for reservations for

Local Thanksgiving Dinner

On Friday, November 9th

And I’ll have the whole menu for you soon!


And again, I got all the way to Friday before sending out this e-mail, so I am going to keep it kind of short so that you can get the menu.  (We post our menus on Facebook and at our website, and try to get it out before I actually send out the e-mail since I’m so often late with it, but this week, with all that was going on  we sent out last week’s by accident.  So what you see here, and what you see updated on FB and the website is the real one.  And here it is.


Tonight’s Dinner Menu


Anna Baguette

with local goat cheese and kalamata olives 

     Bread Plate

Anna Bread, kalamata olives, local goat cheese,

cheddar, jarlsberg, and summer sausage  10


   Creole Caramel Onion Soup

Caramelized onions in a savory beef broth with

Anna Bread crouton and melted swiss cheese


Apple Roasted Pork

Picnic shoulder roasted with apples and spices with smoked cheddar potatoes au gratin and broccoli


Gumbo des Herbs

Green cabbage, kale, collard and mustard greens stewed in sassafras spice, cilantro, thyme, and parsley served with steamed brown rice


Grilled Salmon Salad

Autumn spiced grilled salmon over chilled pumpkin Israeli

couscous with béarnaise sauce


Local Burger

Steady Lane burger on a Gretchen-made bun, with salad and chips

Choice of:  Extra-sharp Cheddar, Bleu, Swiss, or Smoked Gouda





Mac and Cheese

three cheese sauce with bow tie pasta


Little Local Burger

Steady Lane 4 oz burger on a Gretchen-made bun,

salad and chips


Beef Hot Dog

with Gretchen’s homemade bun, mustard, and ketchup,

salad and chips


And several of you pointed out that Son could not possibly have made that baby Belle-Soleil all by himself, regardless of how proud I am of him, or how talented he is as a chef, so I will tell you that Belle-Soleil’s mama is Heather Wood, with whom Son has been since they met at Elmer’s when she worked with us about four or five years ago. 


Halloween we will have our usual Elmer’s hoopla!

Beginning at 3:00 Nan will be at Elmer’s to paint the faces of anyone who wants painting – young or old.  Free.

We will serve our traditional Pumpkin Soup, New England Beef Stew and AnnaBread beginning at 5pm.  Come hang out while your kids go trick or treating and have a glass of wine with your friends!

I believe the annual Rag Shag parade begins down at Neighbors at 6pm.

We will be handing out candy ‘til the cows come home or the goblins go home, whichever occurs first.

Then on Election Night we plan to show the returns at Elmer’s.  We’ll rent the big-screen TeeVee again, have food, drink, alcohol and all your favorite people here together.

So come and be scairt or happy or sad or just with people on both of those nights – we’ll be here for you!  (Unless of course we have no power or something like that – but I ain’t scairt of that happening.)

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