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“Uncle” Lionel Batiste, the drummer for the Treme Brass Band . . . → Read More: Our Summer Reading Issue

How to stretch your food budget

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Did you guys see the Rebirth Brass Band at Green River Festival? If so, then did you see why I want a brass band to follow me around every place I go? And, you know what was really great? Watching Samirah Evans, who played . . . → Read More: How to stretch your food budget

This Weeks Email – A Rob Report!

It’s Green River Festival this weekend! I been working my butt off getting ready for it – my favorite comment ever about it was Mac Sloan-Anderson, who at about the age of 8, walked onto the Green River Festival grounds, saw all the signs I’d made for it, sighed and said, “Well, I guess Nan . . . → Read More: This Weeks Email – A Rob Report!

This Week’s Email! 7/5/2012

I know you are wondering where in the world I am and what I am up to and why haven’t I written the freaking Elmer’s newsletter yet.

Welp, I can’t tell you. But it was big. And I can tell you one day, but I don’t think I can tell you yet. But it was . . . → Read More: This Week’s Email! 7/5/2012