Elmer’s Store

NO DINNER TONIGHT, NOVEMBER 24th – all a y’all are either at Moonlight Magic or Home, so we are closed tonight – but have our Grateful Harvest Dinner NEXT Friday night (Dec 1st) where everything is local, local, local!  Down to the Red Gate Farm pigs that we fed our breakfast scraps to all summer!

The Kind of Place That Isn’t There Anymore – Except Here


And lo, a spell of autumn came upon the land and Elmer’s new hours became:
Breakfast and lunch every day,
Monday though Friday Breakfast
7:30 to 11:45
Lunch noon to 2:30
Saturday and Sunday 
Breakfast starts at 8am
(Because y’all sleep in on those days)
dinner on Friday nights, 5pm -8:30, with our bar open.
We’re returning to our old habit on serving Dinner on Friday nights with the weekly-changing menu.  It was a habit that worked well in this small town when the weather gets less predictable and chillier.  Maybe a little later on we’ll add another night but for now, that’s what we’re doing.

Only and Real at Elmer’s

Elmer’s Store – 396 Main Street – Ashfield, MA – (413) 628-4003