Elmer’s Store

The Kind of Place That Isn’t There Anymore – Except Here


And lo, a spell of autumn came upon the land and Elmer’s new hours became:
Breakfast and lunch every day,
Monday though Friday Breakfast
7:30 to 11:45
Lunch noon to 2:30
Saturday and Sunday 
Breakfast starts at 8am
(Because y’all sleep in on those days)
dinner on Friday nights, 5pm -8:30, with our bar open.
We’re returning to our old habit on serving Dinner on Friday nights with the weekly-changing menu.  It was a habit that worked well in this small town when the weather gets less predictable and chillier.  Maybe a little later on we’ll add another night but for now, that’s what we’re doing.

Only and Real at Elmer’s

Elmer’s Store – 396 Main Street – Ashfield, MA – (413) 628-4003